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Short Stories by Ralph Proenza– mostly Fiction, but some based on true events

*My Blog’s Introduction

For years I have enjoyed expressing myself on paper– mostly fiction.  I was encouraged by an Eighth Grade teacher, and the encouragement took.  I impressed my girlfriends (sadly, only two) in school by writing them little funny and romantic notes, and later, I did the same to my future wife.  That won me points with ALL of them!  Ha!  I have written a few short stories in the past that left me “creatively satisfied”, and even published an essay in a magazine, but never really made the time to pursue it.  I qualify as a novice only.  These short stories were mostly fashioned toward the youth/young-adult market although adults seem to enjoy them, too.  And yes, I have written adult material as well.  My aim here is not only the enjoyment I get from writing, but to stimulate another novice writer out there in cyberspace into trying out their hand.  You don’t have to be a Pulitzer writer to write.  The old cliché fits: if I can do it, so can you!

I use a writing technique that helps me “see” my thoughts, and that is– to allow my mind to run a mental video of the events of the story.  As I write, I introduce material of my own creation to the story, and allow the “movie” to run its course, and suggest to me what might happen next.  Simplistically, as I view it on the viewing screen at the back of my skull, I write it — for the most part.  I can get lost in the viewing as the blank far-away look on my face often can attest.  I can do this only when it’s quiet and with no interruptions.  That’s tough for me because even now as I type, I’m being called away…

My first entry is entitled “Coming Home” and deals with two teen sibblings being orphaned by a tragic accident.  The inspiration for it came from simply looking at a sketch of two teens standing in a bus station.  The boy seems to be worried about a letter he’s reading.  I’ve included the picture with the story.  If you focus, I’m sure you could view a picture, then construct a plausible story around what the picture evokes in your mind.

PLEASE feel free to comment on each piece at the bottom of the story (the stories are listed in the column at the right under “Pages”).  Maybe I can learn something from YOUR particular comment.

My username is Verbosity.  By definition, it is “an expressive style that uses excessive or empty words.”  You be the judge…..’nuff said.



One Response to “*My Blog’s Introduction”

  1. My 1st short story is called COMING HOME, and can be accessed at the right side of this page above under “Pages”.

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